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Woven Body is blessed to have received such compliments~ Thank you!

    I have been associated with Damion Bond as a client of hers in her role as a massage therapist and healer, as well as being a student of hers while taking the basic course in Thai Body Work that she teaches. Her work as a practitioner and as a teacher is consistently thorough, precise, nurturing, professional and unparalelled by any other practitioner that I have ever received work from. The courses taught by Woven Body are indispensible as a student of healing, health care, energy work, and massage therapy. The knowledge gained is well rounded and focused and the work is easily applied to many different modalities. As a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit, I have sucessfully used many of the techniques taught in her class with numerous patients. I  highly recomend her nationally recognized course work, as well as her superb touch as a healer, massage therapist, and bodywork practioner.

David A. Clem, RN, ACLS

    Damion has shared her gift of massage with me for over 5 years. Through this time her touch has healed injuries, calmed my mind, taught my body to move more effectively, and given me awareness and love. These massages are definitely my favorite, but also my most important preventative medicine and treatment, and for that I am so thankful. After the first massage she gave me, in my euphoric haze, I rolled over and told her she found what she is meant to do. She has a gift for body work and an intuitiveness that can not be taught. She bestows massage on her clients and students with care and respect and always with an intention of good and light. I am honored to have such a wonderful friend, teacher, and body artisan!

    Damion’s touch is like a prayer. Indeed, it is a prayer that goes like this: “Love is here. And here and here and here…” Her hands, her eyes, her words, her laugh are deep, still waters—waters that reflect my own beauty, the beauty of all things—where I come to drink, to swim, to be made new.

Kelly ~ Mother/Life Coach/Thai Bodyworker/Light worker

    I got in touch with Damion when I was 4 months pregnant, after my healing touch person suggested her. I have MS, and was 32 at the time. I was having issues with pain in my hip, if on my back, not so good if you're going to have to give birth and are in a wheelchair. My hip did not give me problems during labor/delivery. Damion's work with me went beyond my issue. It was great having a loving person relieve swelling in my legs and feet. A phrase used often with the people who have experienced Damion is "to know her is to love her". She taught me how to use some of the techniques so I could get relief if needed between our weekly sessions, so I can also state she's a patient teacher.

Connie ~ Mother

    Damion is a profoundly spiritual being. As a 57-year-old lawyer who travels a great deal, I have had massages all over the world. None can compare with Damion's. Her Thai massage is an enlightening experience. At the end of 90 minutes, I want to kneel before her and touch her feet in a sign of devotion.


    The bodywork/energy work I have experienced with Damion over the past 9 months has been enormously healing. I have found relief from my migraines, muscle tightness, and stress. I look forward to every appointment, knowing that I will feel refreshed and ready to take on life.

Art Teacher K-5 ~ 29 years young

    Damion's attention to the body, its movement and its energy create an exceptional environment for healing the mind, body and spirit through her bodywork. After a massage with her, I leave feeling open, calm and cleansed.

Beth ~ Yoga Studio Owner/Teacher


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