From a rich Himalayan folk medicine tradition comes an effective sound and vibration relief technqiue utilizing 7-metal singing bowls intentionally hand crafted for healing work. A gorgeous set of 7 large, hand chosen singing bowls are used during these deeply relaxing sound sessions called gong baths. Gong baths are effective way to reach a state of bliss and hormony, quieting the mind and allowing for deep sleep, muscle ease, and central nervous system quieting.

How It Works

Each bowl coordinates to one energy center of the body. These centers of bundled nerves, also esoterically known as the chakras, vibrate at their own frequency or musical note when in perfect health. When the 7 bowls, whose notes are B, E, A, D, G, C, and F,  are played near the body, these energy centers recalibrate with the sound, bringing all the cells and frequency back into their most efficient function and flow. By resonating with these bowls, the nerve centers and chakras can easily come back into alignment, releasing tension, old pain, heavy emotions, which ultimately aleviates illness from the body. In a sound therapy session, the practitioner uses the bowls to realign and sooth the central nervous and chakral systems bringing complete relaxation and harmony to the client.

Damion happily received her gong training from Tibetan Healer/Teacher Suren Shrestha in Boulder, CO. For more information on Suren's trainings please visit his website If you are interested in purchasing a singing bow, Damion can help...Just ask!

Sound Therapy Sessions can be any length of time. The longer the session, the deeper the transformation and healing.

Sound Therapy Concerts: Gong Baths

Damion is available to play these soothing rhythms for groups, sacred gathering, children's groups, schools,  for meditational purposes, workshops, peace collectives, yoga classes, tai chi classes, dance classes, dance performances, parties, rallies, or any gathering with a loving intention.

Sound Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls

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