Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Damion with questions via email or call/txt (804) 614-5975.

All Richmond based classes are held at The Imaginarium, 6920 C Lakeside Ave

All Therapeutic Massage Sessions are held at 1702 Treboy Ave, Richmond, VA


Registration will only be accepted with the registration fee, unless otherwise agreed to by Woven Body and the student. All registration deposits are non-refundable. The full registration fee is due no later than three days from the start of a course unless otherwise agreed upon between Woven Body and the student. Notify Woven Body directly if you want to send a late registration form and payment.  Once the course begins, the course fee is non-refundable. If a student must leave in case of emergency, registration and day by day fee will be due. Students who terminated courses may not practice information from a class from which they have been terminated. All classes must be fully completed to receive Continuing Education documentation and grant to practice the information taught.

Class Cancellation

If a course is cancelled by Woven Body, your full payment will be reimbursed. Class registration and/or full payment of a course will not be returned if a student fails to attend a class for which they have preregistered and paid for and/or miss a day of class. Should a student miss a day of class, they will be required to attend that day either through attending a future class which covers the information that was missed or by booking a private study day with Damion. Study days are available at an additional fee of $200 per day. Students who do not complete a course due to absence are held accountable for full class payment. In the case of medical emergency, students are required to share a letter of excuse from their medical professional. If a medical note is not obtainable, the student will still be held responsible for full class payment.

Massage Cancellation

Cancellation on a massage session must be received through call, text or email outside of the 24 hour window before the session. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of a session, payment in full will be  due to Woven Body within one week of scheduled appointment.