**Thai Massage Essentials

Based on the Naga Center's Thai Massage Essentials course, Essentials is our 40 hour long course, devoted to the foundational study and practice of traditional Thai healing forms. Students will receive a well rounded introduction on the Thai bodywork form with lectures on Thai healing culture, history and linage, sen/trench theory, ethics within the Thai bodywork field, Theravada Buddhist History, basic Thai medical massage theory, along with an introduction to traditional self massage. During these five days we will focus on learning a beautiful 90 minute long routine, which students will be able to perform by the final day. This sequence will forever alter one's healing practice, providing them with movement-based tools which release clients from pain and ailments, offering a wonderful new perspective on the art of deep relief.

          TBA - 9-5:30 each day  Massage Essentials- Richmond, VA

          Cost- $700 (Registration to hold your space $100; $600 due before or on the first day of Class.)

          40 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!

**Thai Herbal Remedies - Compresses, Saunas, and Teas

    NO Thai bodywork, massage or herbal experience necessary!!! A perfect compliment to your table massage, Thai bodywork practice, or home relaxation routine!!! Held over two blissful days, our 16 hour long course presents the basic principles of Thai healing herbs and compresses. Introducing this wonderful new topic to beginners, lectures will cover the foundations of Thai herbs, the composition of northern compresses, simple external uses of Thai herbs, dosha/element typing in relation to client constitution and ailment, and suitable herbs for healing. We will build healing compresses from scratch using both fresh and dried herbs and learn how to use these compresses during a bodywork session. We will also construct and use an herbal sauna tent, Thai cooling inhalers, make toothpaste and deoderant, as well as blend Thai oils to create a perfect bodywork blend suited to your practice.

          TBA  - 9-5:30 each day Thai Herbal Remedies- Compresses, Saunas, & Teas, Richmond, VA

          Cost- $350 (Registration to hold your space $100; $250 due before or on the first day of Class)

          16 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!

**Thai Massage Modifications for Addressing Ailment

This partner course for our Essentials of Thai Massage is our 40 hour long intensive designed to open new avenues of approach to one's Thai healing practice. We will replenish the Wai Khru, focus on pathway/trench theory, and cover advanced stretching maneuvers to relieve specific ailments, working with the 5 layers of the body through side-laying bodywork, body walking technique, and a focused abdominal release technique. Students will leave with a variety of ways to modify their practice to better suit individual client's needs and better equip them to address ailments.

          Prerequisite: Thai Massage Essentials            

          Sep 19 - 22, 2019 - 9-5:30 each day Thai Massage Modifications for Addressing Ailment- Richmond, VA

          Cost- $700 (Registration to hold your space $100; $600 due before or on the first day of Class)

          40 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!

**Thai Massage Full Body Stretches

Full Body Thai Massage Stretches is a day long class dedicated to the full body openings that are available within the Thai healing practice. When the layers have been addressed and range of motion ignited, a practitioner may decide to awaken the interconnections between the body part they have massaged by using larger stretches.  These large movements allow the body to extend, mend and rejuvenate and are the picturesque postures which we see the most in images of Thai massage. Cobra, half locust, butterfly, boat and fish poses are a few of the movements we will study.

          TBA - 10a - 5p, Richmond, VA

          Cost- $100 (Registration to hold your space $100)

          CLICK HERE to register!

**Thai Massage Foundations: Analysis and Tool Work

Our 40-hour Analysis and Tool Work course offers a more clinical approach to an established Thai healing routine. Our class will focus it's attention toward analysis tools, elemental understanding, release points, and focused wrist pulse analysis. Using this information as foundation, students will learn how to design healing routines that address root causes of specific ailments with the intention of ensuring long lasting relief for the client. Lectures and practice will cover detailed element typing, thorough 5 layer work, trench work using directional pathways, and effective suggestive therapy.  Students will be introduced to the practices of fire cupping, scraping, and scarf work. In this course we will begin crafting simple Thai herbal liniments and teas to enhance healing sessions.

          Prerequisite: Thai Massage Essentials & Thai Massage Modifications  

          TBA - Thai Massage Foundations: Analysis and Tool Work, Richmond, VA  

          Cost- $700 (Registration to hold your space $100; $600 due before or on the first day of Class)          

          40 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!

**Thai Massage Foundations: Lasting Relief & Release Work

This course is a 40 hour investigation into effective subtle release methods, focusing specifically on shoulder, hip, spine, and abdominal relaxation. Students will learn a series of gentle stretches which relax the smaller muscular connections around major joints creating waves of relief in the body as well as long lasting relaxation. Taking care to reset the body's core, we will rejuvenate the low back, spine and abdomen through deep layer abdominal massage. Essentials of Thai Massage parts I and II (from any program) are a requirement to attend this course.

         Prerequisite: Thai Massage Essentials & Thai Massage Modifications  

         TBA - Thai Massage Foundations: Lasting Relief & Release Work, Richmond, VA

          Cost- $700 (Registration to hold your space $100; $600 due before or on the first day of Class)          

          40 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!

**Prenatal & Postpartum Thai Herbal Massage

     This gentle two day course will focus on before and after care surrounding birth and the traditional ways Thai healers aid women in this rite of passage. This is a perfect class for pregnant couples or those wanting to specialize in the art of birth care. Our course will cover an indepth view of the trimesters of birth and the folk medicine approach to each term.  Students will learn effective compression, therapeutic touch, and gentle stretching approaches specifically effective for prenatal and postpartum women, including proper and comfortable client positioning in side laying and cradled goddess position. To heighten relaxation and relief, we will work with herbs safe for pregnancy and postpartum care in the form of steaming compresses, salt and clay pot compresses to literally melt tension away and prepare or tend to the birthing body. Class will also touch on warming care and belly binding as a postpartum thearpy.

          Prerequisite: NONE

          TBA - Thai Prenatal & Postpartum Care, Richmond, VA

          Richmond, VA - 16 hours

          Cost $300 - 16 Hours- 16 NCBTMB CEs offered -  CLICK HERE to register!


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All courses offer Continuing Education credits with the NCBTMB

An Advantage to Studying with Woven Body ~ Lifetime Internship

The more one studies Thai medicine and healing, the richer the path becomes. Thai healing is a lifelong pursuit that simply cannot be learned in one sitting or in one course. In keeping with tradition and to encourage continuing growth, we offer Life Time Internships at the end of each completed course, where students may return to that class as many times as they desire free of charge!

NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider

Damion Bond is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. She offers classes in Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Herbal Thai Massage.  

Individual Provider # 450888-08

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