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Healing requires the skill of a weaver, one who can unite body and spirit threads into a peaceful, blissful working cohesion. For this specfic type of weaver the body is a fabric, a system of interweaving fascia, tissue, muscles, sen, and meridians, whose form is ignited by spirit. The weaver's role is to aid in reintegrating areas of disconnection along these tie the extremities to the core, the toes to the head, the body to the spirit, for true unison and balance. At the center this fluid connection of body and spirit is the woven body, an efficient, uplifted, unified self moving with ease, grace, and free from pain.

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Woven Body is a loom where students are encouraged to be lifetime healing participants and practitioners combining aligned movement, skillful touch and focused energy work to ignite life. We warmly welcome students and from all levels, from the novice to experinced teacher, from any program to study from our ever deepening and evolving cirrculum!!  In keeping with the tradition of our teachers, at the culmination of each course students are offered a Life Time Internship of Study, meaning they may return to that course as many times as they wish for FREE. All of our Thai healing courses are approved by the NCBTMB for continuing education credits.